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Rose of Sharon Acres Blog
Thursday, August 07 2014
Hay in the Barn - God's Promises

I've always loved the promise of this scripture...enough for 'food' for our family

AND the nourishment of our maidservants!  While we don't have maidservants,

I believe that every bar of goat milk soap or every lotion that we mail the 'nourishment'

from our farm comes to your family.  Thank you so much for being part of our family.

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Wednesday, July 30 2014
Toxic Toothpaste Destroying Health??

Toxic chemicals are used in many store purchased toothpaste brands.  Here's one that you might not know about - aluminum!

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Tuesday, June 24 2014
Medical Herbs - Planting and Using Them

Growing up my mom went against the course of traditional medicine and treated us with herbs. Chamomile and garlic were by far her favorites.  They were used for everything - from earaches, pink eye to breakouts in our teenage years. This had been handed down from her mother and stories about her grandparents and their healing methods were always so interesting to listen to.  To think that in a tiny plant there are attributes that bring healing to our bodies.  It's so sad that in an age of advancement in so many areas, we've regressed so much in the field of medical plants.  I'm thankful that there seems to be a surge again in people wanting to know more about this avenue of health and healing.  

Having my own assortment of medical herb books, I know that going through them can be overwhelming.  I especially enjoyed this post from Homestead Lady.  She details medical herbs, how to use them and how to grown them.  Hope you enjoy her post...Must Have, Must Grow Medical Herbs!

This post contains wonderful links and books to help you begin your journey if you haven't already started.

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Monday, June 09 2014
Planter, Nourisher or Harvester

Planting Seeds....How a garden speaks.

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