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In the beginning God created vegation for food...within that food were powerful plant oils for healing and wellness.  Doterra has harnessed these gifts, retrieved the life giving oils from the leaves, stems and roots of plants and packaged them for our families.  Eight (8) levels of purity testing ensures that in a toxic world, we are not adding more into our lives AND that ensures us that each and every time we formulate/use our oils, there's consistency in doseage.



The BEST and most Cost Effective way to get DoTerra Oils into your home are Enrollment Kits.  These kits come with FREE wholesale memberships, FREE Points to be used down the line (same as cash), and some come with Diffusers to make your homes smell good.  DoTerra bundles the best of the best products together, slash the prices below wholesale AND give you a FREE wholesale membership!  That's a gift for your family.

Get My KIT!

                               Money Saving DoTerra Kits




And if you can't afford any of the kits, you can pay a wholesale membership fee (like Sam's or Cosco) of $35 and shop a little at a time.  The important thing is to get started which ever way works for YOUR family.  $35 for access to all these beautiful products!


Now, for one of the best 'perk's of Doterra.  Their Loyalty Rewards Program which gives you more products for FREE each month and pays back your shipping in points.  Call it frequent flyer miles for oil shoppers.  The more you buy, the more you save.

Why the Loyalty Rewards Program is GOOD for you and saves lots of cash!

You can click here and hit 'join and save' and sign up as a wellness advocate (that allows you to earn income later if you choose OR just happily buy products with NO sales at all).

  Or just message me by hitting the contact button at the top of our web page or on the bottom of our intro on the DoTerra page and we'll plan a personalized consultation on the phone and get your oils coming in no time!!

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