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Texas Nubian Dairy Goats 

  Registered Nubian Dairy Goats - NE Texas

Tall and graceful, Nubian dairy goats are a delightful animal to own.  They are loaded with personality and charm and easy to milk.

About our herd:

Once upon a time, Maud Texas was known for its wonderful creamy ice cream. The history shows that the secret family recipe of 'Maud Maid Ice Cream' was sold to none other than Blue Bell and the end of that story is known today as one of the best ice creams in town. For memories sake, our daughter, chose the herd name of  'Maud Maid Kids'.

To produce human friendly kids, we spend time holding and playing with them every day. Dam raised by CAE Negative moms until 3 months, our kids spend time during the day with their mom's learning how to be goats! We prefer doing this so the kids get a good healthy physical and emotional start in life. We have found this rearing method produces strong, muscular and dynamic kids.  We realize that this is not the prefered method of most dairy's which pull kids at birth, but we believe this is the way that God intended kids to start life.  We believe pulling kids at birth is cruel and inhumane to the dams and kids. This time gives us the opportunity to give them their first round of vaccinations and treatment for coccidiosis. Because these are dairy goats, we will not sell the animals for meat!


We have run a closed herd to protect against incoming disease, we've chosen never to do shows or lease any of our animals for use outside of our farm.  Our herd is registered with the ADGA and is CAE/CL negative.

Goat Husbandry and Treatments

Here's a chart from Jack Mauldin's site on Goat diseases.  I have found this site extremely helpful with various issues around the farm.  You will find that just when you think everything is going so well, a goat will get sick and surprise you.  These resources are nice to have access to.

Dairy Goat Links

LOTS of Dairy Goat infomation


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