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Nubian Goats - Sr_Does
Victory Meadows Fantasia

90 EEEV (9/18) 1*M

Victory Meadows Fantasia is a beautiful addition to our field.  A large doe with width and height, she brings  amazing grace and breed character to our field. CAE negative 11/18; G6 Normal 

Maud Maid Kids Noa

Maud Maid Kids Noa

Maud Maid Kids Noa

This long bodied gal is gentle and like her dam, generous with her milk supply.  Her dam scored 90EEEV on linear appraisals in 2018.  We've witnessed the same qualities in Noa as there were in Poa.  


Purebred Maud Maid Kids Dapple Dutchess
Purebred Maud Maid Kids Dapple Dutchess

Oh this girl was such a brat!  We hung onto her and found she will do anything for animal crackers.  She made us proud when she achieved her 2*M miler status!  She continues to bless us.

Maud Maid Kids Strawberry Girl

This beauty combines grace, confirmation and milk production all into one beautiful package.  We LOVE this girl. Bred to War Horse for February babies.  CAE Negative 11/18

Maud Maid Kids Tootsie - Nubian Dairy Goat

88 V+EV 1*M

Purebred Nubian Tootsie, we expect will milk and milk and milk as well as have excellent mammary placement because of the genetics she carries.  She is wide bodied, wide in the hips and chest and stands firmly on her feet.  D.O.B. 03/15/2012 CAE Negative 11/18

Maud Maid Kids Deja's Silk
Maud Maid Kids Deja's Silk

This girl is the last of Deja's babies.  Full of beauty, beautiful udder and well filled body.  We couldn't be happier with her and the progeny she produces.  Her sire and Grand sire were both grand champion bucks! CAE Negative 11/18


Victory Meadows Dejavu

88 VVEV  (9/18)

Victory Meadows DejaVu has been a beautiful addition to our field.  Stately in her demeanur she waltzes through the pastures exhibiting a champions characteristics.  Although we don't show, she would do well I'm sure.   CAE negative 11/18

Rose of Sharon Acres Nubian Dairy Goat Poa

90 EEEV (9/18)  1*M

Poa is a large, wide doe that just ozzes dairy character.  She's bred to On the Bayou for April 2019 babies.  
Sadly, Poa passed over the Rainbow Bridge July 22, 2019.  We will so miss watching this graceful doe in our fields :(

Cae negative 11/18

Victory Meadows Belladonna

SOLD April 2018*****Victory Meadows Belladonna adds all of the wonderful breed charactertics that one would look for in a classic dairy Nubian.  She is long with good width and has wonderful feet!  CAE Negative 9/16  

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