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Rose of Sharon Acres
Nubian Goats - Sr_Does
Rose of Sharon Acres Nubian Dairy Goat Poa


Poa is a large, wide doe that just ozzes dairy character.  She's bred to On the Bayou for February 2018 babies.  
Update:  Poa kidded again with triplets.  2 bucks and 1 doe.  All are available.

Cae negative 9/16

Victory Meadows Fantasia


Victory Meadows Fantasia is a beautiful addition to our field.  A large doe with width and height, she brings  amazing grace and breed character to our field.   CAE negative 9/16; G6 Normal 

Victory Meadows Southern Belle


Long and beautiful, Victory Meadows Southen Belle graciously adorns her Victory Meadows  and Goldwaithe championship characteristics.    
CAE Negative 9/15,  9/16

Victory Meadows Dejavu

Victory Meadows DejaVu has been a beautiful addition to our field.  Stately in her demeanur she waltzes through the pastures exhibiting a champions characteristics.  Although we don't show, she would do well I'm sure.   CAE negative 9/16

Maud Maid Kids Tootsie - Nubian Dairy Goat

88 V+EV

Purebred Nubian Tootsie, we expect will milk and milk and milk as well as have excellent mammary placement because of the genetics she carries.  She is wide bodied, wide in the hips and chest and stands firmly on her feet.  D.O.B. 03/15/2012 CAE Negative 8/14, 9/15, 9/16.  

Pure Bred Prairie Nights Paprika


Pure Bred Nubian Prairie Nights Paprika has been a joy to own.  Extremely even tempered, willing to please and came in with a perfectly symetrical udder with her first freshning.  She nice and wide in the rump and chest with lovely spots all around.  D.O.B. 3.21.12 CAE Negative 8/14, 9/15, 9/16 

Maud Maid Kids Strawberry Girl

This beauty combines grace, confirmation and milk production all into one beautiful package.  We LOVE this girl.

Maud Maid Kids - Matilda Nubian Dairy Goat


  Amazing doe. Probably my favorite doe in the field, Matilda is the grandaughter of our first goat, Classie.  Easy to milk, wonderful udder and so even tempered, Matilda is a joy to own and milk!      CAE Negative - 8/14, 9/15, 9/16

Queen Acres Nubians - Glittering Genesis


SOLD **** September 2018... This beauty comes to us from Queen Acres in Longview Texas.  Long bodied, lovely disposition, she scored 87 on her linear appraisal in 2015.  She also milked over 500 days to receive her milk star.  We are so excited about what she brings to our field.  

 CAE Negative 9/15, 9/16

Victory Meadows Belladonna

SOLD April 2018*****Victory Meadows Belladonna adds all of the wonderful breed charactertics that one would look for in a classic dairy Nubian.  She is long with good width and has wonderful feet!  CAE Negative 9/16  

Lynch's Angel - Nubian Dairy Goat

Passed over the Rainbow Bridge....March 13, 2018.  This girl has been milking for two years straight!!!!  Purebred Nubian Lynch's Heaven Bound, aka Angel, is a wonderfully even tempered Nubian.  We are so thankful that Miss Nancy let us purchase her.  She's strong and muscular and milks like a dream.  Her udder is well attached and she gives lots and lots of milk.    CAE negative 8/14, 9/15; 9/16 G6 Normal

Wendy passed over the rainbow bridge May 14, 2015.  She leaves behind two doelings that look just like her which we will retain.  This has been really a hard one :( PureBred Nubian - Wendy....coming from Jumping Dots Dairy in Hope, Arkansas, this little girl was an anniversay gift for my husband!  Easy to milk and with each kidding she has delivered triplets easily.   

CAE negative 8/14

Purebred Ages Ago Acres Sasha Yah
Purebred Ages Ago Acres Sasha Yah

***S O L D*** April 2017

Ages Ago Acres Sasha Yah brings to our field Infinity, Copper Hill, My Enchanged Acres and Goldthwaite lines.  She is deep and broad chested with a wonderful stand.  Sasha was bred to Spirit and kidded with triplet bucks.  CAE Negative 9/15

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